Into the Future with renewable energy

CRESCO Power develops, finances, builds and operates renewable energy projects to support local communities and businesses mainly in Asia on a BOO, BOT, BOOT and IPP basis. CRESCO Power is focusing on projects that have a positive impact on the environment and local communities_

Our Mission_

We are dedicated to delivering sustainable energy at affordable prices while at the same time offering employment and other benefits to local communities. We build, finance, own and operate state of the art solar and wind-based energy solutions aimed to support the local economies by making energy supply more reliable and affordable. CRESCO Power closely partners with local governments and communities to ensure, that all delivered renewable energy projects cater to their needs.


Our renewable energy solutions positively impact local communities by delivering cost-effective clean energy and support local communities by improving energy availability and by offering employment.


We offer affordable and eco-friendly energy to local communities and businesses, enhancing energy supply reliability and efficiency. Our solutions can either connect to the national and local grids or serve communities and businesses off-grid.


We deliver sustainable energy solutions which reduce CO2 emissions and which are in harmony with nature and local communities. Sustainability and social responsibility are the most important objectives for all projects developed by CRESCO Power.


We provide sustainable energy solution based on renewable sources such as e.g. PV Solar, wind and biogas and help national and regional governments to meet their renewable energy targets

"Distributed solar and wind energy solutions not only provide low-cost energy but also provide employment opportunities for local communities while greatly reducing carbon emissions."

Preferred Technologies_

CRESCO Power is technology agnostic and delivers tailor-made energy solutions optimized to maximize the positive local impact while ensuring the long performance of all projects. We only source equipment from bankable suppliers with good financial strength and track record. All renewable energy solutions are designed to deliver the best life cycle or LCoE (Leveraged Cost of Energy) meeting all local requirements. CRESCO Power is focusing on renewable energy solutions based on a combination of one or several of the following technologies:


We believe that PV solar energy systems are best suited to deliver cost-effective and sustainable energy for distributed power generation applications. Solar systems are easily adapted to the local situation, keeping technical requirements, economical targets and environment protection in mind. We only use tier 1 solar panels and highly efficient, best in class solar inverters systems. Our engineers always apply the highest safety and quality criteria for all our projects.


We deliver wind turbine based energy generations solutions either as stand-alone systems or in combination with PV solar. Most of our projects are small to midscale distributed energy system wherein most cases vertical-axis (VAWTs) are our preferred technology. The design and equipment selection for all our wind energy solution is based on state-of-the-art wind resource studies ensuring that we deliver systems which deliver good energy yields and long-term performance. We source all our wind turbines from leading suppliers who can deliver the best price-performance ratio.

Energy Storage

We combine our solar and wind power solutions on a case by case basis with state-of-the-art energy storage solutions to enable smooth integration of renewable energy solutions into existing grid infrastructure or to increase the share of renewable energy in existing or new microgrid systems while maintaining grid integrity.

"Harvesting the power of the sun is not a new idea, but still the best way to generate energy."

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